Ice Dancing and Romancing

After many Winter Olympics, I’ve realized this: I much prefer ice dancing to figure skating. I love how ice dancing gives so much room for creativity in choreography and costuming.  And for me, ice dancing is more relaxing than figure skating.  Every time a figure skater does a triple lutz, my heart stops until she lands on her feet (assuming she does).  In ice dancing, it’s just not an issue.

So I stayed up way too late the other night to watch the free dance.  It was worth it to see the gorgeous fluid elegance of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.  (Incidentally, my husband’s name is Scott Moyer — same pronunciation.   Imagine hearing an Olympic commentator say, “Now on the ice, [your husband’s name].”  I was doing double-takes all night.)  They were beautiful and flawless and I look forward to many more exquisite routines from my husband’s Canadian counterpart.

But there is one ice dancing routine that reigns supreme for me.   I saw it eighteen years ago, and I’ve never forgotten it.  In 1992, real-life spouses Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko won gold for their routine “A Man and a Woman” at the Albertville Olympics.  It is absolutely, positively, goosebump-inducingly GORGEOUS.  The choreography, the music (two very recognizable pieces by Bach), the costumes, the mind-blowing talent of the skaters… it’s pure passion on ice.  I had an old VHS tape of this that I thought was lost forever, but, through the miracle of YouTube, I have found it again.

Do you have five minutes to spare?  Watch this.  It’s easily the most romantic ice-dancing routine I’ve ever seen.

No, what am I saying?  It’s easily the most romantic anything I’ve ever seen.

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