In which I get myself into a positive frame of mind

One of the best parts of being a teacher on summer vacation is that you get to totally bypass the Sunday Evening Blues. For an entire two months, you don’t have to deal with that flat, slightly depressed feeling that inevitably comes at the end of the weekend.

Alas, I’m now back singing the blues.

In moments like these, I always find it helpful to think of things that make me happy.  Call me Pollyanna, but a little shot of positive thinking can do a lot to salvage a Sunday evening.  So here, in no particular order, are Things that Bring Me Joy.

1.  My roses.  I never get tired of them.  Never.

2.  Morning coffee the way Scott makes it: very earthy and full-bodied and yum.

3.  When my boys start doing things — chasing each other, pretending to fall, etc. — that make them both scream with laughter.  There is no better sound than that.

4.  Warm summer weather — which we now have, at long last.

5.  The smell of a new book: the cedar-y paper, the dark delicious ink. They should make that into a perfume, don’t you think?  (And I just created a rhyme.  Yay for accidental poetry!)

6.  Starting off the day with Father Judge’s prayer. I don’t do it every morning (I often forget), but when I do, I find that the day is palpably more mindful and spiritual.

7. The feel of crisp new sheets on a bed.  It’s especially fabulous on a warm night like this one.

What brings YOU joy?

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