Indian Madonna and Child

Beautiful, isn’t it?  I just love this picture.

(Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered where the term “Madonna” comes from, there’s a brief explanation here.)

Image from Holy Cards For Your Inspiration

4 responses to “Indian Madonna and Child

  1. Love the picture! Thanks for the definition of Madonna-I had no clue!

  2. Isn’t it so sweet? I love the Madonnas from different cultures …

  3. Who (if anyone) owns the rights to the picture “Mother of India”? Or is it public domain?

    I have published a book called Wisdom of Our Mothers (on Amazon at An associate in India has persuaded me to do an India edition, and I am interested in using this on the cover.

    Half the profits from the book go to shelters for women and children escaping from domestic violence.

  4. Eric — thanks for asking. The holycard came from a website called Holy Cards for Your Inspiration (see the link above). I don’t own the copyright and it is not public domain, but you can contact Micki, who was the webmaster, through the link. Best of luck with your project!