Inserting myself into the story

It’s February, and our Nativity set is still on display.   I sort of hate to take it down, honestly.  It didn’t even come out of the box until two days after Christmas; December was such a hard month that some of my usual holiday traditions fell by the wayside.  So when the tree came down, Mary and Jesus and Joseph and company stayed up, so I could have more than five days in which to enjoy them.

This year, by the way, there is an addition to the set.  If you look closely, you’ll notice a figurine that is not a traditional part of the Christmas narrative.

Found it?

This mother-with-two-kids is a gift that Scott gave me for Mother’s Day a few years back.  It normally sits on top of the computer desk, but this year, I decided to put it right in the middle of the shepherds and their flock.   It fits beautifully, and I love the symbolism of having it there.

By becoming man, God entered my human story, aligning himself to me in a very intimate way.  By placing this figurine in the middle of Jesus’ story, I’m reminded  to return the favor.  I’m reminded to keep orienting myself towards that divine love, day in and day out, all year long.

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