Interview with an artist — Jennifer of Studio JRU

For the last two years, I’ve been a BIG fan of Jennifer at Studio JRU. She’s an artist with vision, soul … and a whole lotta talent.

I first got to know her when she did a series of photos honoring Mary (any friend of the BVM is a friend of mine!).  Her blog  became one of my go-to places for serenity and peace: it’s chock-full of gorgeous photography and beautiful images of her art.   After eyeing her art for quite a while, last summer I bought one of her woodblock pieces, which is right at home on my prayer desk.  I love it — it keeps the word of God right in front of my eyes.

So it’s a huge honor to welcome Jennifer to my blog, and to get a little window into her art and her creative life.  She graciously let me share some of my favorite images from her collection; anything you like here you can find on her blog (and lots more besides).  Enjoy!

For someone who didn’t know you, how would you introduce yourself and your art?

I would hope that my art is encouraging, inspiring and has meaning. It is important to me that things in my home are meaningful, so I want my art to be that for someone as well. My art is about love and family and hope and God’s grace. I find His word peaceful and comforting. I hope others see that through the art.

One reason I love your art is because it often incorporates text along with images.  (I’m a huge word gal!).   Are there certain Bible verses, or other sayings or quotes that are particularly meaningful to you?

I love, love, love words too, Ginny! It is way too hard for me to chose a specific bible verse or other quote that is meaningful to me. Too many to pick from! Honestly, whenever I come across a verse or quote that makes me say, “Ohh… I love that!” I write it down. And that happens often. I have pieces of paper everywhere with a saying written on it for ‘later’ use.

What is a typical day in the studio like for you?

I divide my studio time between business and blog and my art. So there are days that I am doing more of the business end of things, like working on blog posts, responding to emails, paperwork… those sorts of things. Then are the fun days that I come up to my studio in the morning, make a fun mess with papers and paints all day, then go back downstairs in the evening. I am blessed that I can work from my home!

What is the biggest joy (or joys) of doing what you do?

The biggest joy is when I hear from people how much a piece of art meant to them. When you can touch the life of someone you never met… through a God given talent… it is just the best feeling ever. I will never tire of hearing how much someone loves to see God’s word everyday on a piece of art I made.

Does Mary have any influence on your creative life, or on your life in general?

I find Mary to be such a comfort in my life. Who would not love to have an ‘extra’ mother to comfort and love them? She is also such an inspiring woman. Brave and loving, compassionate and strong.

Sometimes it can be scary to live the creative life. What would you say to a person who has the desire to create something (art, writing, music, etc.) but is afraid to start?

To anyone who has the desire to create but is afraid I would say listen to that inner voice and just start. God has put it in your heart, so there is no need to be afraid. Your heart will thank you when you are able to let your creativity flow!

If people want to know more about your art, where can they go?

People can come to my (new) blog for more information about my art. I have links there for my shop, for my art in the DaySpring shop, and updated ‘news’ when I have new art coming out!

All images copyright Studio JRU.

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