It takes a village to make a romantic getaway

It’s a curious irony that an intimate romantic getaway between two parents can’t happen without a lot of other folks involved.

I was reminded of this last weekend, when Scott and I went to picturesque Healdsburg, CA ( in the wine country) for a night.   This beautiful little sojourn would not have happened — or would not have been nearly as nice  — without the following people.  G.K. Chesterton once wrote that “thanks are the highest form of thought,” and in that spirit, I’d like to share my gratitude here.  (I’m including links too, in case you ever find yourself in Healdsburg someday.  I hope you will.)

So I’m thankful for:

1) My parents, for being reliable, enthusiastic, and free babysitters.

2) My children, for detaching so easily.  They leapt joyfully into the grandparental vehicle, with barely a look back.  (They were going to the children’s bookstore and to see a play with Grandma; we were going wine-tasting.  Win-win!)

3) Harold at Wine Country Walking Tours, who took us to three wine tasting rooms, the Oakville Grocery, a tea shop and a chocolate shop — oh, and to an olive oil tasting — while sharing his enthusiasm for wine, food, and trivia about the local area (did you know that there are a fearsome number of wild boar around Healdsburg?).  I’m not a foodie, by any means, but now I could do a good job of playing one on TV.  Thank you, Harold!

4) The folks at Portalupi Tasting Rooms, for these delicious treats which were paired with equally delicious wines.  (That sausage that you see in the middle of the plate is our attempt to help control the boar population.  It was surprisingly good.)


5) The lovely Dragonfly Tea Shop for having a tea selection a mile long.  Tea-head that I was, I was in heaven sniffing the various blends and facing the delicious agony of having to choose.


6) Zin Restaurant, for Mexican beer-battered greenbeans.  (How do people come up with these recipes?  I don’t know, but I’m glad they do.)


7) The Geyserville Inn, for a super-cozy room overlooking vineyards and hills.   It had a fireplace and a patio and was made even  cozier by the fact that — wait for it — it RAINED on Sunday morning, for the first time in ages.  This is literally the answer to drought-stricken California’s prayers.


8)  Scott, for giving me this promised getaway for Christmas.  I never realize how much we need time alone until we have it, and find ourselves relaxing into conversations that we just don’t have the chance to get into in the normal hubbub of our chaotic family life.


So that was our getaway:  a perfect storm of helpful people and lovely places and delicious food and wine.  (And rain, glorious rain!).

Again with Chesterton: “The critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.”  I hope I always remember to choose the second option.

What are you grateful for today?

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