It’s important to share

Last night, I got home after dark because I was out clubbing.  The the book club at my parish was reading Mary and Me,  and they invited me to come to their meeting.    And as it turns out, the evening was exactly what I needed.

Meg, the leader, had the great idea to invite people to bring a special Mary object from home if they wanted to share.  People passed around rosaries and favorite  images of Mary and even a small vial of holy water from Lourdes.  One woman read a beautiful poem that she wrote about the Blessed Mother.  It was a great evening of sharing stories and thoughts and questions, and it reminded me yet again of what a spiritual shot in the arm it is to talk about faith with other people.    I love hearing others’ journeys — that’s really what Mary and Me is all about, in fact — and I always come away feeling as though my prayer life has been given a boost.  It doesn’t happen often enough these days, alas; attending a regular faith-sharing group, like exercising and vacuuming the blinds,  is one of those great ideas that never seem to go anywhere with me.

That’s why last night was so welcome.  If my spiritual life were  a flowerbed, the book club discussion was like a good, deep soak of Miracle-Gro.   It is the kind of experience that keeps my faith alive and blooming.

Do you talk about your faith with others?   Does it happen casually, or in a formal faith-sharing group, or on a blog?  How does it enrich your spiritual life?

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