I’ve got saints that jingle jangle jingle

This is my favorite bracelet EVER.


I don’ t know if it’s easy to see from the photo, but each medallion is a picture of a different saint.

My friend Mary gave me this bracelet for my birthday several years ago.  Interestingly, she found it not in a Catholic store, but in a little clothing boutique in Noe Valley.  I think this proves that lots of people, not just Catholics, find the saints kinda cool.

Today, All Saints’ Day, it’s nice to remember those people whose lives have inspired so many legends, books, stained glass windows, and [apparently] wristwear.  It’s also a nice chance for me to think about how my attitude towards the saints has changed over the years.  It hit a pretty significant low in college, and then, over the last twelve years or so, has been climbing  steadily.

But I think I’ll stop there and let my latest column explain further.

4 responses to “I’ve got saints that jingle jangle jingle

  1. I love the bracelet and the story too!

  2. Nice article; thanks! Have you found any particularly good resources for learning about Saints, either for adults or kids? I signed up recently for a “Saint of the Day” email, but the dry descriptions aren’t adding to my knowledge. Just curious! Thanks again….

  3. Therese, a great book (for adults) is All Saints, by Robert Ellsberg. It’s a “saint-a-day” format, and it’s very well-written. The author really considers the larger “message” of each saint’s life. He also includes people who are not formally canonized but whose lives have illustrated the Gospel message (like Cesar Chavez and Dorothy Day).

    As for kids? .. hmm … I’m going to have to ask around. Matthew and Lukey aren’t quite at that stage yet, but they will be there soon enough.

  4. Cool… thanks! Looks like something I could use as reference also for Katherine, at least. She likes drama and emotion and the saints do have that! I notice that Henry David Thoreau is in there too – too funny! Thanks again…