Keeping it real in the Marshalls dressing room

Well, we’re six days into my summer vacation, and the livin’ is easy.  I’m starting to pay attention to things that normally get short shrift during the school year: things like laundry, and my toenails.  The other day, I decided that a pedicure  would be an excellent way to kick off the summer vacation.   In the grand tradition of posting pictures of my toes online, here is the result.  (According to my blog statistics page, someone recently found this blog by googling “pretty manicured feet.”  Nameless visitor, this is for you!)

The shift to warm weather has also prompted me to update my summertime wardrobe.  And I’m noticing a trend in women’s dressing rooms — apparently it’s now the thing for stores to provide one hook labeled “yes,” one hook labeled “maybe,” and one hook for the rejects.  Have you seen this?  In my neck of the woods, both Old Navy and Marshalls have added these helpful bits of hardware to their dressing rooms.   I guess it’s a good idea, though I find their nomenclature  a little disingenuous.  The Marshalls dressing room labels are “Definitely,” “Possibly,” and “Tomorrow.”  The last one cracks me up.  I mean, if I hate the shirt today, it won’t improve with twenty-four hours’ loathing.  It makes you wonder how many high-level meetings were held to decide what to call these hooks.  I may not have an MBA, but I have more than three decades’ experience in buying female clothes, and here’s how I would label them:

Hook One: It makes me look cute and trendy!  I’ll buy one in every color!

Hook Two:   I could wear this if I did ab crunches or bought Spanx. How likely am I to do either?

Hook Three: I hate it with the burning passion of a thousand suns.

Of course, I want to keep it real, and the Marshalls people want to make money.  I guess that’s the difference.

Anyhow.  Pretty new toes!  Four new shirts (all of which make me look trendy)!    Sleeping in and playing with the boys and folded laundry and time to reflect and  pray and write!

So far, it’s been a pretty great summer.

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