Like a kid in a candy store

Why, oh why, did I have to discover the absolutely fabulous Catholic Child catalog?  I fear it may be the ruin of me.

It is jam-packed with great gifts, books, toys, etc. — including an adorable craft kit to make a little grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. I gave it to my goddaughter for her First Communion.  I was too sick to attend, but word on the street is that the gift was a big hit.

If you know any Catholic kids, you’ll find something for them in the catalog.  In fact, if you know any 36-year-old-Catholic writer moms who love Mary (and I happen to know one VERY well), you’ll find something for her, too.  Like, say, this set of nine “Hail Mary” prints:


They are soft and lovely and adorable.  I bit the bullet and bought them.  I would like to pretend that they are for my boys, but who am I kidding?  They are for me.

I love them because they whisk me back to the days at St. Simon’s, when the teachers decorated their bulletin boards with pictures like this.  They’re profoundly comforting.  They may even trigger a few writing ideas.

Well worth it, I think.

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