Little People, Big Surprises

When you have a sizable collection of Fisher Price Little People toys knocking around the house, some unusual pairings begin to occur.  Lately the airplane pilot and the fisherman have been spending a great deal of time in the tub together, while the farmer and the Hawaiian girl seem to enjoy fraternizing under various pieces of living room furniture. I think there is a larger life lesson here, something along the lines of embracing what makes us similar (in their case, very squat bodies) regardless of our box of origin.

Of course, when you add the Little People Nativity Set into the mix, that is when things get really interesting.  A few weeks ago, Scott got it down for the boys, and it has been enlightening to see various holy figures involved in the boys’ play.  Nothing can beat the great Holy Family rescue team of earlier this year, but Luke’s latest effort comes close:

I think every fireman should travel with a guardian angel, don’t you?

Apparently, Luke also trusts one of the Wise Men to get them wherever they need to go. ( He has more faith in them than I, frankly;  I don’t think those guys would have gotten anywhere without the star.)

The other wise man was also on board, apparently ready to dispense myrrh to anyone in need.

The third Wise Man did not make the picture.  I suspect he was under the sofa discussing crops and learning the hula.

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