Loon-y land

Just last night, my little family returned home from a week’s vacation in New Hampshire.   We were staying at a family camp at Squam Lake, otherwise known as the lake where “On Golden Pond” was filmed.    In my humble opinion, it’s also one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on earth.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at this, the view from right outside our cabin:

And this:

Man, this place is gorgeous.  If there are any NH residents reading this, let me just tell you that you live an an absolutely beautiful state.  I might even be tempted to move there were I not sure that the winters would totally destroy this wimpy CA girl.   As it is, I hope I can go back for a visit sometime.  Next week might be good.

And the loons!  What fascinating birds!  We saw quite a few over the course of the week and I adore their eerie and distinctive call.  I am seriously going to find a loon ringtone for my phone (that should turn a few heads at the mall, don’t you think?).

Speaking of loons, I was bemused, then amused, by this sign in our cabin:

I guess this means that if you think a loon has a nice figure, you need to keep that opinion to yourself.

Best of all, we were there with very special people, for a very special reason.  Scott’s parents will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary in November, and it was their dream to get all three of their kids and families together for a week.  We toasted them with champagne one memorable evening, sitting out on the deck of the cabin while bats flew by in the semi-darkness and loons called to each other on the water.   It is not often that all the assorted Moyers, hailing from California and Colorado and New Hampshire and New York, are together in one place.  The fact that it was such a beautiful place was just icing on the cake.

Happy early anniversary, Bob and Joan.  Thank you for a memorable, magical week.

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