Mary in Two Minutes

Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception!

If you don’t know what that is, check out this brief video below, from  It tells you all about Mary, in two minutes (more or less).  I helped work on the video, so it’s really fun to see the finished product.



2 responses to “Mary in Two Minutes

  1. Good job! Was it fun to work on?

    Also – I suppose I could look this up, but it is easier to just ask you in case you know offhand 🙂 – is there a difference in praying WITH Mary as opposed to praying TO her? I had thought that the former was correct, as Mother Teresa would say, “through the mother, to her son.”

    The video also reminded me of the time when Patrick F. was so sick in the hospital and Fr. Steve and others were praying the rosary, asking Mary for her prayers and intervention with Christ for healing, “because no son can deny his mother.” Lovely reminder n the video – thanks.

  2. It was fun, Therese — also hard because there is so much info. about Mary to fit in!

    Re. “with” vs. “to” — I’ve heard various opinions on that. I’m more comfortable saying “with,” personally, but I’ve heard others say that if praying is talking, then “praying to” someone is not incorrect to say (just as we’d say “I talk to” my friends, you could say “I pray to my heavenly friends.”). It’s all semantics, I guess …