Mary on Monday: It’s the arrival, not the journey

Tomorrow is a fabulous Marian feast day: the Feast of the Visitation.

I have to say, for most of my life I never gave the Visitation much thought. Then in May of 2005, when  I was going through a hard time following a devastating pregnancy loss, it all changed.   Through a certain series of events,  the image of Mary and Elizabeth supporting each other became enormously comforting to me.  (That image also helped me make a decision that had been weighing on my mind … if you’ve read Mary and Me, you know the story already).

A few months later, while conducting interviews for the book, I talked to a fascinating religious sister.   Her personal connection with the Visitation cracked the scene wide open for me.   I saw aspects of the story I’d never seen before.

Now, years later, the Visitation is still relevant.  As with  most things in my life, though, the story means something different now that I have kids.  I go into more detail in my latest column: A Lesson from the Visitation.

And Happy Memorial Day!  Many thanks to all those who, through their dedication and sacrifice,  have made this country such a good place to be.

Image courtesy of Holy Cards for Your Inspiration

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