Mary’s birthday … and a chance to win!


So in honor of Mary’s birthday (celebrated on September 8), I’m doing a little giveaway: You can win your very own copy of Mary and Me! (I’ll even sign it, if you so wish!).

How do you enter?  It’s easy as pie (or birthday cake, as the case may be).  Just answer the following question in the comments section below:

What would you love to give Mary for her birthday?

If that question doesn’t float your boat, you can answer this one instead:

What are your birthday wishes for Mary?

That’s it!  Just answer either one of those questions in the comments section (be sure you put in your name and email … don’t worry, I’m the only one who sees the email address).

I’ll do the drawing on September 8th.  The name of the lucky winner will be posted on September 9th.

So what are you waiting for?  Enter today!  And spread the word … because it’s always a treat to get together and celebrate Mary.

31 responses to “Mary’s birthday … and a chance to win!

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  2. to celebrate the nativity of our blessed virgin mother i’ll be baking an almond-rose cake (wish me luck ^_~ ) i guess that is my gift to her, a birthday cake if you will, to share with loved ones. i think creating something good, sweet and beautiful is the best way to honor her. ✿ look forward to reading the other comments.

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice to give Mary the birthday gift of having everyone love and respect her.

  4. If I could give Mary something for her birthday…it would be my trust in her (something that I am struggling with.) – L

  5. I would give Mary a rosary said every day. I try, but don’t always succeed!

  6. I would love to give Mary a peaceful home, a peaceful country and a peaceful world. I think she would like that since sometimes she is known as the Queen of Peace. Gotta work on that peaceful home one!

  7. I would like to give Mary my sincerest form of flattery – imitation. For her birthday, I would like to copy Mary as much as I possibly can – her trust in God, her love of Jesus, her faith, her patience with others, and her gentleness as a wife and mother. I will undoubtedly fail, but I think she appreciates anyone who tries!

  8. If I could give Mary a birthday gift, it would be a renewed zeal to imitate her great faith.

  9. what would i give Mother on her birthday?
    well…if i could give her anything i think it would be one last day with her son.
    a day when he wasn’t off with the apostles or doing all the things he did for people but just a plain old do-nothing day with just a mother and her son.
    they could remember his growing up years….he was a child once so there had to be times he skinned a knee or cried over some other hurt the way children do.
    i’d give her that day to fill her heart to the brim with every memory she could; to fill her arms with a thousand hugs; His face with a million ‘mommy’ kisses.

  10. I would give Mary a Rosary everyday, no exceptions, because lately it doesn’t always get said….

  11. Susanna Vujovic

    To make ALL the christians understand just how special and important Mary is to us and to Jesus!!

    As well, for myself to never forget to live everyday as much as possibly Full of Grace like her….to imitate her better in all my circumstances is my wish!! <3 <3 <3

  12. As a gift to Mary, I would love to give her the gift of devotion. She was the most blessed and trusting mother. She trusted God, her husband Joseph and her son, Jesus. I would love to give my trust in God as she did. I struggle to do this everyday.

  13. Since I am blessed to share Her birthday
    I would love to give her the gift of my daily rosary
    that I would be faithful to it…….
    She has interceded on my behalf so many times.

  14. Oh, wow, what fabulous ideas! I’m having a GREAT time reading them all.

    The giveaway is open for another week, so spread the word!

  15. Gustavo A. Darino

    For Mary’s birthday I would love to give her a great big hug. My mother passes away in August of last year. She led a very difficult life. My father is an Atheist and he would not let her go to Church. There was one thing that my father could not stop her from doing and that is praying. She prayed every day and felt specially close to our beloved Mary. On the morning she passed away she had two very precioius things with her. Her scapular and a Rosary blessed by John Paul the II. I firmly belive that Mary along with Jesus helped my mother bear her cross all those years. I am grateful for this. As a Moma’s boy I always gave my mother a big hug and even at 39 she always welcomed it as if I was 5. For this reason I would love to give our Celestial Mom a great big loving hug.

  16. Wow. I was going to say something clever, but am blown away by all of the previous ideas. Imitation, time with her son, a rosary, peace! Can I vote for all of the above? Add in love and lots and lots of affection and appreciation for all that her prayers do for so many.

  17. For Mary’s Birthday I would like to give her more thanksgiving for always interceding for me and my family. She is always there. Always. Thank you Mary.

  18. For Mary’s birthday I will be baking cupcakes for the children in our Catholic Homeschooling Co-op and helping them to create birthday cards with their wishes for Mary. I would love to give her the gift of spending time with her and the rosary every day. Since I have not been faithful to this resolution, I vow to try again. My life has been really dry without her in it lately.

  19. As Mary’s fiat brought Jesus to us and her purpose has always been to draw us to Jesus – I would spend a holy hour with Jesus in adoration meditating on the Joyful mysteries of the most holy rosary.

  20. I love Mary very much!!! My mom’s b-day, may she rest in peace, is on that day. I lost her 9 years ago and miss her everyday. For Mary’s birthday I would give her a big hug and kiss and promise to keep teaching my son, who is 3, to love her as much as I do and my mom did.
    Now, my mom’s birthday won’t be so hard, I can think of Mary hugging my mom in heaven where I know she is.

  21. Debbie D'Agostaro

    My gift to Mary on her birthday will be: attendance at daily mass, an hour of adoration and a rosary…

  22. My birthday gift for Mary would be peace around the world for good. No wars or bombings on any country. And also that she continue to be there for us. I also promise to be kind to others.

  23. If I could send Our Lady a gift, I would want the children who live in poverty or with very little love, whom I teach to look upon Her with the love I have felt after receiving an embrace of love in times of loneliness and doubt.

  24. A long time ago, my mom convinced a very warm-hearted nun to allow me into a Catholic elementary school on a full financial scolarship, even though I had never been baptized (thank you mommy). There are many memories, both good and bad, that seep through my thoughts till this day, some 30 years later. Saying the Hail Mary when an ambulence passes by is something I have kept dear to my heart after all these years. I find myself reciting the prayer whenever I hear a siren, and I do hope she hears me.

  25. Since September 8th is also my mother’s birthday (and hence why she was named Evelyn Mary King) I will really try to do something special for my mom but also in doing so to be mindful of spending some extra time in prayer with Mary (perhaps even with my Mom?).

  26. Mary Catherine

    I would wish for Our Mother Mary, the peace she has asked us to pray for for so many years now.

  27. If I could give MARY anything, it would be the love of my four children–several of whom do not believe. I know that would make her heart very happy!

  28. My gift for Mary is
    ……. to make my students more aware of her presence in their
    lives and her love for them,
    …….to encourage them to stop in front of the statue of Mary in our
    school garden and pray a Hail Mary for someone they love….
    or just say Hi, Blessed Mother.
    …… pray the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the children
    on special feasts of Mary.

  29. For Mary’s birthday our Catholic Homeschool Co-Op has our start the year picnic. We have some learning & prayers and lots of fun. This is one of the gifts I try to give to Mary, encouraging the love and devotion of our children.

  30. i would donate a small part of my salary to a poor staff nursing girls’ part of mess fee as a part of my birthday wish to our mother mary. though my wish and gift may be in part, but my love for her is in total.

  31. I would like to give Mary more love and attention, from both me and my children. As a Catholic growing up, I was not taught enough about Mary. I never knew much about the rosary, the Marian feast days, the Angelus, etc. I know my grandmothers did, but my own family simply did not devote ourselves to Mary enough for it to sink in to me… Now, I am learning and want to ensure my children never have to wait until they are adults to do to. I hope to teach them from their youngest years the rich tradition, blessings and love of Mary. Since they are but toddlers, we are doing this simply now… We’ve dabbled with Mary gardens, dedicated our craft and reading times to Mary last May and are now reading about Mary’s young life this week in honor of her b-day. We will make a cake today, too, to celebrate tonight!