Mary’s Month

April felt like the cruelest month this year.  Overall, the weather has been pretty lousy ( in northern CA, this means that you have two tantalizing days of warmth, followed by several days of rain and wind).  But the weather report indicates that we’re entering a warming trend.  And since this is the dawning of May — Mary’s month — the timing could not be better.

A few weeks back, I had some ideas about celebrating May in a big way.  I wanted to make the blog a veritable garden of daily offerings about Mary.   Somehow, given the reality of life with a teaching job and two extremely active boys, I think I may have to scale back my expectations.  I’m guessing my May postings will end up being more of the same: random thoughts dashed off here and there, some about Mary, some about the juggling act of life in general.

But that’s okay, really.  I know that Mary gets the nuttiness that is motherhood.  It’s one of the reasons I love her so much.  And I hope that my casual verbal meanderings do, in some small way, communicate and celebrate that love — during May and all the rest of the year, too.

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