Mass, then and now

For many years, Mass was a quiet, contemplative time.  That changed four years ago, with the birth of Matthew.

Now, Mass is a chance to cultivate patience.  It’s an opportunity to practice my sprinting as I run after a Luke gone wild.  It’s a test to see how long I can keep two boys quiet with goldfish crackers, assorted toy trains, and judiciously-spaced bathroom breaks.

It is, simply put, anything but contemplative .  But I’m still there, week after week, kids in tow.

Why do I bother? You can find out in my latest column: Why I bring my boys to Mass.

3 responses to “Mass, then and now

  1. Ginny … thanks so much for this timely post. I struggle with this as well, having three small, sweet, and rambunctious little ones! My time at Mass seems like running the gauntlet some days, but I try to keep on truckin’.
    God bless you and your boys 🙂

  2. Barbara Graham

    I truly enjoyed your article “Why I bring my boys to Mass” in the October 1st issue of “San Francisco Catholic”. I don’t remember just how old our boys were when we took them to Mass for the first time, but it was in the days when they still had an altar rail. Both boys were probably less than 3, but I’m not sure — what I do remember is that when my husband and I came back to the pew after receiving Communion all the adults around the boys were laughing!!! Did they tell us what they had done/said — No!!! And I’ve always wondered!!! At any rate, your article brought back some wonderful old memories.

  3. Dianna, so great to hear from a kindred spirit! Thanks for sharing and I wish you a calm, peaceful Mass next Sunday — or at least a Mass where you hear more than 30% of the homily. 🙂

    Barbara, thank you for sharing that great memory. I can just picture that scene … I’d be wondering, too. (I guess it’s a good sign that the adults around them were laughing instead of crying!).

    The sad fact is that at Mass today — a mere two days after the article was published — Luke was the worst-behaved that he’s been in months. Sigh. But I will keep on bringing him. It’s just too important to miss.