May, a book reading, and spreading the love

I love that it’s May.  This has always been a favorite month of mine, a month when things are blooming and it’s not too hot yet and when you know that summer vacation is just around the corner.   It’s also the month of Mother’s Day and the traditional time for honoring Mary.  I’ll be doing exactly that on my blog over the next few weeks (stay tuned for more).

The first weekend of May was also made special by a book reading of Random MOMents of Grace.   It was organized by a group of the best friends anyone could ever wish for.  They handled all of the invitations and set up a gorgeous food table and  arranged garden flowers into breathtaking bouquets.

DSCN4836 (1)

What made it even nicer is that all of the profits from Saturday’s book sales are heading to the Newtown Lions’ Club Sandy Hook Elementary Fund, which pays for counseling for those who were affected by the tragedy last December.   (If you are interested in donating yourself, please check out their link above.)   It is going to be a hard Mother’s Day for lots of people in Newtown, and I’m grateful to be able to do a little something to help.

Have a happy Monday … and don’t forget to plan something special for your mom for next weekend!

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