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One of the odd little things about being a writer is that you forge bonds with people whom you never actually meet in real life.   Editors, readers, fellow writers — there are so many great people I’ve met and interacted with online and have never seen face to face.

So that’s why it was a HUGE thrill to meet Lisa Hendey, the founder and editor of (and author of the fabulous new book The Handbook for Catholic Moms).  She came to my parish today for a talk on parenting and technology (and as a webmaster and the mom of two teenage boys, let me assure you that she knows far more about these two topics than I do).    Lisa is warm and funny and fascinating and oh, how I wish she lived just down the street, and I could pop over and ask her for advice on how to raise kids in general and boys in particular.

Here we are, with my friend and fellow writer Christine Watkins (author of the brand-new book Full of Grace):

After the presentation, I got to chat with Lisa over an al fresco snack of pastries from the nearby French bakery.  Scott obligingly watched the boys.   It was one of those gorgeous San Francisco mornings: no fog, blue sky, sunlight, warm enough not to need a coat.  I have to say, there’s nothing quite like a beautiful morning in the city by the bay.  Fog and wind is such a fact of life in this city that it’s a treat to look up and see cloudless blue.   It was a day that just made you happy to be alive.

On the way back to the car, we stopped, as always, at the Mary grotto.  Matthew was very excited to show Mary the rock he had found:

Mary certainly lives in a beautiful space. The gardening group makes sure that she is surrounded by flowers of the fairest.

It was a most excellent start to the week.

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