Monday Carol: The Little Road to Bethlehem

‘Tis the season!   I’ve got the Nativity Set (or “activity set,” as Matthew calls it) arranged on top of the TV armoire; there’s a felt-lined basket sitting on the table, just waiting to be stocked with Christmas cards; my eclectic collection of snowmen and Santa Clauses are perched on the mantel.  And, of course, being me, I’ve got the CD player loaded up with Christmas music.  (Happy sigh.)

I know that (liturgically speaking) we are really in the Advent season, not yet the Christmas season.  I also know that some people deliberately avoid listening to Christmas carols until December 25th.  To be honest, I’ve never found that necessary.  Hey, the season is SO short; I’m going to savor it unabashedly, from now until January 6th.   And nothing makes me reflect on the Incarnation more than listening to a really lovely religious carol.

Here’s one of my current faves.  It’s from Winter Magic by Hayley Westenra (a terrific album with an unsual mix of songs).    The carol is “The Little Road to Bethlehem,” and it is absolutely beautiful … the melody, the gorgeous singing, the lyrics, everything.  I actually got teary-eyed the first time I heard it, because it made me think of how I used to rock my own tiny boys.    It also has the added bonus of being a song about Mary, which is always a plus in my book.


“The Little Road to Bethlehem” — Lyrics by Margaret Rose; music by Michael Head

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