Monday Meditation: How V-Day has changed (and why I’m okay with that)

Is it just me, or is Monday is a pretty lame day for Valentine’s Day?  Really, it’s probably the  day of the week that is the least likely to inspire thoughts of romance.

Of course, this matters much less to me than it used to.   Ever since having kids, V-Day has become a lot less lovey-dovey and a lot more pedestrian.   It looks more or less like every other day around here.  The only things to distinguish it are the after-dinner exchange of cards and the sight of my husband bearing something  floral when he comes home from work.  Those things are nice, yes, but they are not like the special  dinners à deux that I used to serve by candlelight way back when.

But you know what? That’s okay.   If we’re looking for signs of the depth of our love, we couldn’t do better than our two little boys.  And in all the challenges and joys and demands of parenting, in all the ear infections and sweet smiles and spontaneous hugs, in all the crushed Cheerios and Matchbox cars and puzzle pieces underfoot, there is no one else I’d rather be sharing it with than Scott.

They say that one sign of a good relationship is that you like the person you are when you’re in it.  I’ve always loved that about being with Scott.  Somehow, he inspires me to be a more generous person — not just towards him, but towards everyone.  That’s one of the ways that I knew he was the right guy.

Zora Neale Hurston once said, “Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.” I think that’s totally true.  And even though we aren’t doing a  big candlelit celebration tonight, my soul always feels at home when I’m with my guy.

And it’s hard to beat that.

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