Monday Meditation: The luckiest place to be

This is a tough time.  A very dear friend of ours has cancer, and she’s just about the last person on earth who should be going through this.  For one thing, she already had cancer, about thirteen years ago.  For another thing, she’s someone with a huge heart and a totally generous spirit, the kind of person who gives human beings a good name.   Some things are simply not fair, period.

Years ago, when I talked to her about her experiences with cancer the first time, she mentioned that she felt so loved knowing that so many people were praying for her.  She attributed her healing in large part to that vast network of spiritual support.  “The luckiest place you can be is in the middle of all that prayer,” she said.

I wish more than anything that I, or someone, could just wave a magic wand and make that cancer disappear.  But even though I can’t do that, I can still pray.  I can do my part to make sure she’s still in the middle of a vast network of prayer.  That’s something we can all do for the people in our lives.  I’m not sure how or why it helps, exactly — only that it does.

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