Monday Musical: Dancing With the Stars, eat your heart out

This clip (from the movie Swing Time) is dancing.  Seriously.  Of all the Astaire and Rogers films that I’ve ever seen, this number is my favorite.  For one thing, it’s so joyful.  For another thing, it’s one of the few times that Ginger Rogers wore a short skirt for her dancing (usually she was in ballgowns), and you can appreciate her footwork so much  more as a result.  (And those shoes she’s wearing?  I couldn’t walk to my car in them, let alone hoof it like she does.)

I think that all great art — whether it’s singing, dancing, visual arts, writing — makes you feel somehow exalted.  For a few moments, you’ve seen just what humans are truly capable of: the harmony, the precision, the grace, the skill. When I enjoy a great piece of art, I’m unconsciously (sometimes consciously) reminded of the source of all of those things.  The art doesn’t even have to be religious in nature.  It can be a movie scene where a charming gambler  just got a blonde dance instructor fired from her job, and he is about to show her boss why she should be reinstated.

And oh, they make it look so easy.

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