Monday Musical: “On the Street Where You Live”

Random fact: I saw  “My Fair Lady” in Paris in 1995.  It was an American  traveling production, of all things; it starred Richard Chamberlain as Henry Higgins, and it was fabulous. Interestingly, there were large digital boards at both sides of the stage, translating the whole show into French. ( Is this what they do at the opera?)

The ticket wasn’t cheap, especially because I was living on a shoestring the whole time I was there.  But when I got some Christmas money from my parents, I put it towards a night at the theater, all alone, just because I love this musical to pieces.  And it was very, very worth it.

And when the actor playing Freddy came out onstage to sing this song, he got the biggest and most vigorous applause of the entire show. That was a surprise to me.  I guess this must have been a very popular song in France.    I’ve always loved it myself; it’s profoundly singable, and a great way to show that this is a character who is in love with the very  idea of being in love.  If you don’t mind getting the melody stuck in your head, the song starts at about 2:00.  (Yes, this is Jeremy Brett, in his pre-Sherlock Holmes days!).

Happy Monday!

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