Monday Musings AND Musical

Ahh, I’m energized.  Had a great little mini-writing retreat last night with fellow Catholic mom writers Christine Watkins, Lisa Hendey, and Julie Paavola.   Julie hosted and we had a great dinner and talked about writing and faith and raising boys (every one of us has two sons and no daughters … what are the odds??) and it was absolutely fabulous.   It is so inspiring to sit and talk with other women about faith and life, and to share our stories.  That’s why I love blogging, both as a writer and as a reader; it’s a terrific window into other women’s spiritual lives.  But it’s even nicer when you can actually have a conversation and sit around a table and be physically present with each other.

And when I got home that evening, instead of falling into the black hole of the Internet, I went back to my writing desk/prayer corner (which doesn’t get used nearly enough these days, alas) and lit a candle and prayed for a while before doing a little scribbling.  It was fabulous.  I like being back there; I’m away from the computer, the television, the Legos scattered around the living room, the dirty pan sitting in the sink waiting to be scrubbed.  I’m in a quiet little cloister with no distractions.  I need to go there more.  (If only I can keep my husband from putting his dirty clothes on the back of the chair each night, we’ll be in good shape.)

And it’s Monday; the start to another work week.  This is usually the cue for sad dirgelike music and a long face, but in fact, I’m not dreading this week. For one thing, Friday is a Staff Development Day,which is teacher code for “Practically a Holiday.”  On a normal teaching day, you have to be perky and focused and ready to go the minute the bell rings.  On Staff Development Days you can wear sweats,  lurch into the room five seconds before the presentation starts, and sit hunched over a cup of coffee until you slowly wake up.   So yes; Friday should be a good day.

And since it’s Monday and I’m on a roll with my Monday musicals, here is today’s offering.  It’s the prettiest love song ever, I think — “Maria” from West Side Story. (Music by Leonard Bernstein; lyrics by a very very young Stephen Sondheim.)  It’s sung here by the über -talented John Barrowman.  The actual song starts at about 1:30, but the first part is worth watching too because Barrowman explains the challenges of singing this particular song.  I had no idea it was such a killer.  Fascinating.)

Happy Monday!

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