Monday’s grab bag of randomness

1.  I wish I owned stock in Trader Joe’s.  I guess I’ll just have to settle for stocks from Trader Joe’s.

Gorgeous, aren’t they?   But why on earth are they called “stocks”?   Seriously, that’s the worst name for these flowers.  It’s so heavy and uninspiring and it smacks of Puritan punishment.  Who names flowers, anyway?

Oh well.  As my homeboy Shakespeare wrote, What’s in a name? ….

2.  Five years into this ride called Parenting, I’m learning that most things involving children don’t go quite the way you expect them to.  This is certainly true  of weekend plans and family portraits.  It’s also true of grammar lessons.

Matthew is quite the little conversationalist now, with a very impressive vocabulary.  At times, though, he’ll make a rogue grammatical error.  The other day, he was telling our neighbors about his best friend at preschool, and how they make each other laugh. “He bes really silly whenever he is with me,” Matthew said.

I went reflexively into English teacher mode and said, “He is really silly whenever he is with me.”

“No, Mommy,” said Matthew with mild exasperation.  “He’s not silly with you, he’s silly with me.”

I get an A for effort.

3. I’ve been reading such a marvelous book, which I recommend to anyone who is interested in deepening his/her prayer life. It’s Close to the Heart by Margaret Silf, and it’s one of the best prayer guides I’ve ever read.  Silf has a wonderful writing style; she discusses something as ephemeral as prayer with all kinds of concrete juicy metaphors that really work.  I always struggle with spiritual writing that is abstract and vague; when I read that kind of book, my mind skates easily over the words and then I get to the end of the chapter and think, “Wait — what did I just read?”  Silf’s writing is the opposite, so grounded in the physical world, so full of memorable stories and anecdotes (much like Christ’s parables, come to think of it).  On nearly every page there is some analogy or description that arrests my attention and makes me go “Wow.” It is taking me a long time to get through this book, and in this case, that’s very high praise.    Great stuff.

Happy Monday!

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