Nine more things that Catholic gals love

My mind is full of all sorts of lengthy-blog-post ideas, but with a big writing deadline looming, they’ll just have to wait.  So today, I’m going to keep it light and draw your attention to an entertaining post on Buzzfeed: a list of 38 Things Catholic Girls Love.  The list includes Pope Francis, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and giving up Facebook for Lent, and overall it’s a lot of fun to read.  (My personal fave is #38.  It has zero direct impact on my life, but I point it out for the edification of all single Catholic ladies who read this blog.)

And  it got me thinking: what would I add to the list?  (because it’s far from complete, you know).  So here are my additions, an addendum of sorts: More Things That Catholic Gals Love, or at least Things That This Catholic Gal Loves.

1.  Holy cards.


2.   Books by Tomie dePaola.


3.  A CRS Rice Bowl for Lent.


4.  Stephen Colbert.  (He’s Catholic too, you know.)

5. Catholic kitsch, like this utterly fabulous plate that Scott found in an antique store last summer.  (That’s Pope John XXIII, JFK, RFK, and — inexplicably — the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  I know.)


6.  Martin Sheen in The West Wing.  (Jed Bartlet for president!)

7.  This song by Billy Joel, particularly if your name happens to be Virginia.  (My name happens to be Virginia, so Scott used to have this as the ringtone on his phone).

8.  Speaking of music, the St. Louis Jesuits.

9.  Kinda sorta knowing Latin (I don’t really know Latin, but I’m  Catholic, which means I can fake it.  This is useful when you’re an English teacher.)

What have I missed?

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