“Musical Priest” by a musical priest

About fifteen years ago, I bought a folk music CD that featured a pretty fabulous guitar piece.  It had the intriguing title “Musical Priest.”  According to the liner notes, it’s a traditional Irish melody (how it got that name is anyone’s guess).

Now I have an affinity for things Irish, as you know if you were reading my blog this time last year. Basically, I’m a total wannabe.   And around mid-March, I usually turn green with envy (hah; pun intended) for anyone who gets to claim a direct link to the Emerald Isle.

So it seems like a great time to revisit  “Musical Priest.”  It’s really, really easy to feel Irish when you hear this sprightly little tune.  And thanks to the wonder of YouTube, I’ve found a video of the song being played by — ready for this?  — a real musical priest.  That is seriously cool.


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