My crafty Valentine

Are you an arts-and-crafts-type person?

I’m not, alas.

Yes, I did plenty of cutting and pasting as a kid, and I do enjoy a little browse through Michael’s every now and then.  Still, craftiness (in the non-devious sense of the word) is not one of my gifts.** Give me a hank of raffia, and I am likely to put it in an animal’s cage.  I do not trust myself to use a hot glue gun without inadvertently affixing my hand to the table.

That’s why I am still pretty proud of these Valentine’s decorations that I made, out of my little old imagination, about four years ago.

I’d bought a darling book of 1940’s era valentines at the local Borders (I’m a sucker for anything retro), and I wanted to do something to display them.  Somehow, in a rare flash of artistic inspiration, I got the idea to buy thick red ribbon and staple the valentines to it. I know this concept is somewhere on the level of Remedial Arts and Crafts, but I have to say, I think these look pretty darn cute.

And, given the way things go around here, I may be enjoying them well into May.

**Actually,  I’m not so good at the other kind of craftiness, either.

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