My latest Mary

So I’m getting quite the collection of Mary figurines.  This happens when you write a book about the BVM and have a blog about her: people very logically conclude that you will be happy to welcome another Mary into the fold.  And you know what?  They’re right.

It’s quite a varied group, this assemblage of Marys.  There’s the 1930s-Hollywood-Eyebrows Mary.  There’s the I-Bought-Her-in Lourdes Mary.  There’s the Made-of-Cloth-and-Stuffed-with-Dried-Beans Mary (okay, technically that one is my mom’s Mary and not mine, but anyhow).  There’s the Serene-White-Hummel-Mary  (I promise to post photos of all of these Marys at some point).

And on my birthday in February, my husband presented me with a pile of wrapped gifts.  I could tell what each one was simply by looking at the dimensions of the packages  (that’s the downside of supplying your husband with a birthday list: not much suspense).  But one gift, in a long rectangular box, was a delicious mystery.

It was the Birthday-Surprise Mary.  Isn’t she pretty?  I love her veil, and the vivid colors.  The lily is a nice symbolic detail.  She also looks great against a green wall (not everything does, by the way).

Honey, if you’re reading this: Good work.  Thanks for bringing another lovely Mary into the house.

Credit where it’s due: Joseph’s Studio “Madonna and Child”

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