My new favorite word

So last weekend, when we were at the ER dealing with Matthew’s encounter with a very hard bench, the nurse was quite smitten with nine-month-old Luke.   She kept smiling at him, and asked permission to rifle his gravity-defying hair.  She also called him a “corker.”

I smiled at that.  Hey, I haven’t heard that word in a long time!  I love it!  I must start using it more often!

And then I realized that I’m not entirely sure what, exactly, a corker is.  And –  as one of my favorite high school English teachers used to say –  if you can’t define the word, you don’t really know it.

So I looked it up.  Guess what? It means “someone or something that is astonishing or excellent.”

I know I’m Lukey’s  mom, and therefore somewhat biased, but you know what?

That nurse was absolutely right.

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