My newest role

If I were ever to become a priest (which, obviously, I won’t), I think I’d become a Paulist.  I love their mission … and I love their website,   It’s a great site for people who want to know more about faith and culture and how the two maybe kinda go together.

Our_Mother_of_Perpetual_HelpAnd guess what?  I’m their new resident “Mary expert.”  If you have any questions about Mary — who she is, what Catholics believe about her, etc. — you can submit them on and I’ll answer them.  In roughly 150 words.  (Yes, I will be praying to Our Lady of Pithiness for help here.)

Speaking of which, check out Question #1 : Is praying to Mary illogical, since she is not God?  Be sure to come back each week to read more … and be sure to submit some stumpers of your own!

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