New name, new url, same musings!

So I have some exciting news, folks: I’m changing my name.  Well, okay, I’m not changing my name; the blog is.   In the next few days, will become … drumroll, please … (That’s “random acts of momness”).

Why the switch?  Well, when I started the blog almost three years ago, it was very focused on Mary.  I’d just published a book about her, and it seemed natural to blog about her, given that she was so very much a part of my waking thoughts.  But since starting the blog, life has changed (namely, I went from having one child to having two).  The work of mothering doesn’t just double with the second baby, I’ve found; it actually increases exponentially.  As a result of this shift in my focus, my writings have gradually become less focused on the world’s most famous mother and more focused on the adventures of this relatively obscure, chronically exhausted one.

And since I believe that a blog’s title should accurately reflect its contents, I’m changing the name to  (I owe the title to my husband, who turned to me in the middle of the July 4th parade and said, “I just thought of a name for your blog.”  See why I love him?)  I like the title because that’s pretty much what my life as a mom is: lots of little actions, many of them things that I would never have expected I’d ever do.  And just as random acts of kindness make the world a better place, all these little acts of momness serve a purpose beyond themselves — influencing my boys, my spiritual life, and hopefully pouring a little bit of good into the world as a whole.

If you’re a Mary fan, rest assured that she won’t disappear from this site.  She’ll always be my homegirl.  As my boys get older, I keep finding even more ways to relate to her, and I’ll continue blogging about those connections.  And believe me when I say that no force on earth can keep me from posting lovely pictures of the Madonna and Child, pictures that always fill me (and hopefully you) with happiness and peace.  Think of it as getting married: when I got married, I changed my name, but I was still basically the same me (only with better silverware).  This blog will change its name, but everything else will pretty much stay the same.

And thanks to my in-home tech support (also known as my husband), the shift should go pretty smoothly.  There will be an automatic redirect, so if you forget and type in you should be taken directly to the new site. ( If you subscribe via RSS feed, that should be automatically redirected too.  We’ll check it out and see.)  If you have any problems with the new site, please drop me an email (  OR  I will read the email, wring my hands, and promptly forward it to my husband.

Thanks in advance for your patience during any unforeseen hiccups.  And a heartfelt thank you, too, for being here.  Your readership means a lot to me — as do your wise and witty comments.  They really are the fuel that keeps this blogger going.

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