Nine years ago

It’s just started to rain here.  I can hear it on the skylight above me: nice.  There’s the cozy smell of pot roast in the slow cooker.  Matthew is playing with his train table and Lukey is still in his crib, about to get up.  Life is good.

Nine years ago today, Scott and I went on our first date.   Nine years ago, I couldn’t have imagined being where I am today, on a  rainy evening, sharing a life with my one big guy and my two little guys.  Or could I?   I did know that there was something different and real there, that very first dinner Scott and I had together.    There were many years of dating despair, and then — suddenly, in the space of one restaurant dinner — a page had turned.   The new chapter was an exhilirating one, but it was also oddly peaceful.  That’s how we knew it was right.

And so I say: Thank you, God.  Thank you for that day, and all the days that followed it.

I’m a very lucky gal.

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