No zombies on the lawn, but the costumes are great

I’m not sure when, exactly, Halloween ended up becoming a decorating extravaganza to rival Christmas.   All  I know is that we are, yet again, one of the Least Festive Houses on the block: no raffia scarecrows on wooden stakes in the flowerbeds, no ghosts rigged up over the door, no foam gravestones on the front yard, no cotton webbing spread over the shrubbery.  (We’ve got a few things inside the house — witness the boys’ handiwork above — but that’s it.)

And I’m okay with that, because no mom can do it all.  The boys are plenty excited about Halloween, even without large inflatable zombies in our yard.   Truth be told, I’m looking forward to it, too.  The costumes are all ready to go;  Matthew wanted to be a policeman, so last weekend I bought a uniform coat and hat for him.  (“Bought,” not “made.”  I know my own limitations.)  The costume came with all sorts of accoutrements, like a walkie-talkie and handcuffs that don’t really click and a whistle and a single laminated ticket to issue to one very unlucky offender.  He’s over the moon with delight.

Lukey is going to be a shark, because it’s important that we help young children develop a sense of respect for the wonders of the ocean so they will be good stewards of the environment someday.    That, and we already had the costume.  Luckily, Luke is not one to protest about wearing his big brother’s hand-me-downs.   He tried the shark suit on the other night and was very happy, a little Jaws sitting on the floor playing with blocks.

It makes me think of Halloweens past: all the times I was a pioneer girl or Mickey Mouse or a little American Indian maiden.   There was also the year that I was four, and had just seen a  community theatre production of “Brigadoon,” and wanted to dress up as Fiona.  “But no one will know who you are,” my mom said, quite reasonably.  I can’t remember exactly what I was instead; perhaps a princess with a large conical hat and veil, which I was more than once, and very happily, too.  Good memories, those.

Did you have a favorite Halloween costume when you were a kid?  Do you have a cherished Halloween memory?   And what’s the coolest decoration that YOU have on your lawn?  (Really, you can tell me.   It won’t make me feel bad, I promise.)

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