Now there’s a new one

My husband is a self-avowed professional Church Geek, a guy whose job involves running adult faith formation programs at a large parish.   He is always fielding complex theological questions from people who are considering becoming Catholic, or people who are already Catholic, or people who are no longer Catholic.  After nearly ten years in this job, there are very few questions he hasn’t encountered.

Enter Small Moyer Boy.  (I won’t say which boy, as this story has the potential to destroy all of his social capital in about ten years.)  Last week, as Scott was driving the boys to preschool, said child suddenly asked, “Daddy, does God love everything in the world?”

“Yes, he does,” Scott answered promptly.

A moment later, Small Boy posed a follow-up question.  “Does God even love poopoo and peepee?”

As Scott himself admitted,  a theology degree only takes you so far.

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