Of flu and First Communion

So today was my goddaughter’s First Communion.  I, alas, missed it because I appear to have the flu (thankfully, so far it does not appear to be of the porcine variety.  That said, I won’t turn away any prayers that are cheerfully offered).  I was seriously bummed out.  I always love a good sacrament.

But my parents went, and they nobly took Matthew with them, so I only had to take care of Lukey.   It was quite relaxing to be looking after the one half of my offspring who does not 1) walk or 2) talk.   I actually rested.

When my folks came back, they reported that the gifts I’d gotten my goddaughter were a huge hit.  Both were Marian in theme (surprise!).  One was the lovely Take it to the Queen, by Josephine Nobisso.  The other was this craft kit to make a tiny grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

It’s from the Catholic Child catalog.  Is it weird for a 36-year old woman to buy one for herself?

Please say no.

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