Of Mary, and the cloak

icon-lg-pdIt’s hard for me to pick a favorite story from Mary and Me.  Every one of the women who shared her thoughts on Mary left me with something to ponder.

But one that’s particularly meaningful to me is the story of a woman named (naturally!) Mary, a teacher who was diagnosed with uterine cancer when she was thirty-four.  During that terrifying time, when she felt very distant from God, she found immense comfort in praying to Our Lady of Guadalupe.  You can read a bit of Mary’s  story here.

And I love Our Lady of G myself (more about that in a previous blog post).   That’s why I was intrigued to read this recent article about the cloak, nearly 500 years old, that bears her image.  In the article, a scientist gives his take on this famous piece of cloth.

So is it a miracle?

I’m going with yes.

Hat tip to Danielle at Faith & Family Live

2 responses to “Of Mary, and the cloak

  1. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for images and am struck! I thought that perhaps I had this obsessive relationship with Mary, only to find I’m not the only one! I had an incredibly difficult last year, ending a decade of strife. After years of praying to God, I had pretty much scrapped the prayer thing. In a distressing turn of events last month, I found myself crying out to Mary for her aid and protection. I eventually arrived at the neighborhood church (I’m an extremely lapsed catholic) and walked through the doors for help, guided by her I have to believe. From that moment on, things changed and I have received more blessings than I could have imagined! Mary’s love is what keeps me going.

  2. Helen, welcome! I am so glad you found this blog! You are definitely not alone in your love of Mary (nor in your lapsed-ness … I totally understand that, given my own background), and I am thrilled that you’re here!

    Thank you too for sharing your Mary story. It is so amazing how often Mary is the link. She is such a powerful bridge when God seems too remote/scary/inaccessible/busy/fill in the blank.

    I will pray for you as you start this new year — I hope it will be a great one for you. Please come back for more Mary posts!