Of Mary, and the cloak

icon-lg-pdIt’s hard for me to pick a favorite story from Mary and Me.  Every one of the women who shared her thoughts on Mary left me with something to ponder.

But one that’s particularly meaningful to me is the story of a woman named (naturally!) Mary, a teacher who was diagnosed with uterine cancer when she was thirty-four.  During that terrifying time, when she felt very distant from God, she found immense comfort in praying to Our Lady of Guadalupe.  You can read a bit of Mary’s  story here.

And I love Our Lady of G myself (more about that in a previous blog post).   That’s why I was intrigued to read this recent article about the cloak, nearly 500 years old, that bears her image.  In the article, a scientist gives his take on this famous piece of cloth.

So is it a miracle?

I’m going with yes.

Hat tip to Danielle at Faith & Family Live

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