Olympic Impressions

Here’s the great thing about the Olympics: for two weeks, there is always something interesting to watch on TV.    (How often can you say that?)  Here are my thoughts about what I’ve seen so far.

– An opening ceremony that includes Shakespeare, Mr. Bean, fireworks, and a fleet of Mary Poppinses?  That’s a ceremony after me own heart.

— Regarding Shakespeare, above: not to knock The Tempest, but I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t opt for the “This England” speech from Richard II.  “This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,/This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars” … it’s one of my favorite passages from the Bard.  (I really am an English teacher geek, aren’t I? )

— After Friday, I don’t think anyone can accuse the Queen of being humorless.

— The Parade of Nations always makes me want to slink off sheepishly to my room and lock myself in with an atlas.  I hope that Judgment Day will not involve a geography quiz.

— Watching gymnastics, like watching figure-skating, is about as stressful as it comes.  My  heart stops on every jump, every release, and every scissory kick on the balance beam.  Still: I love it.

–Call me hopelessly out of the loop, but I’d never heard of synchronized diving before.  (Had you?)   Mighty impressive.

— This is going to be great for the boys.  What amazing exposure to a wide variety of sports, and what a great chance to develop a global consciousness.  Matthew was intrigued by the bike racing, and I think the gymnastics are going to blow his mind.

Are you watching?  What are your impressions so far?

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