One quote, six images, endless food for thought

Over the years, I’ve come across several great quotations about Mary.  I have to say,  this is one of the best.  If you have the time, read it slowly, and try meditating on each phrase.    I’ve thrown in a few pictures, too, just for all of us visual learners (I may be on summer vacation, but I’m still a teacher).


[Mary] shows forth the victory of hope over anguish,


Of fellowship over solitude,


of peace over anxiety,


of joy and beauty over boredom and disgust,


of eternal visions over earthly ones,


of life over death.


Credit Where It’s Due:

Quotation by Pope Paul VI from Marialis Cultus (1974)

Images, in order:
1) Holy card, from my own personal collection (I love you, eBay!)
2) The Visitation, Carl Bloch
3) Madonna in Prayer, Sassoferrato
4) Madonna and Child with St. Catherine and a Rabbit, Titian
5) Madonna and Child with St. Martina and St. Agnes, El Greco
6) Madonna and Child, Giulio Romano

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