Our Lady of Peace and, well, Me

The last few days have been stressful, for some reason.  Perhaps a fifteen-month-old who is getting his molars has something to do with it.  No doubt the return to work [sob] after two weeks away is also a contributing factor, along with the fact that my older son is about to start preschool and I, as mom, am in a bit of an emotional space about it (Next thing I know, he’ll be going off to college!, etc.).   Thus far, I’m doing pretty well on my resolutions — I exercised both Saturday AND Sunday, thank you very much, and I’ve been making my writing time a priority.  The living room, thanks to our new storage unit, no longer looks like an Extreme Sports obstacle course made of toys.  So that is all good.  But still — I feel restless, emotionally.

So as 2010 starts, the image of Mary that I’m thinking of is Our Lady of Peace.  I know it’s meant to be peace on a global scale — an end to war and genocide  — but I think I need a little bit of serenity here, in my life, in my heart.   Peace begins in the soul, right?  And don’t let those serene blue-and-white statues fool you: Mary knew a thing or two about living with uncertainty and fear.   She knew a lot about weathering  big scary changes in her personal life, in her child’s life, in the life of her little family in Nazareth.

So I’m thinking about her lately.   Our Lady of Peace is the image I keep returning to in my mind.  And I like to think — I’m pretty sure I can count on this, in fact — that she’s also thinking about me.

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