Our Lady of Technology, pray for me

Aargh.  Technology is such a blessing … except when it’s a curse.

I’ve been hearing from a few folks that they are unable to post comments on my blog lately.  If you’re reading this, do you mind posting a quick comment to see if it goes through?  I’ll even give you a question to answer, if you’d like:  What was the most delicious thing you ate on Thanksgiving? I’ll post an answer myself to see if it goes through.

Or, if that question doesn’t float your boat, just type in a message saying … well … anything that you feel like saying!

If your comment doesn’t go through, do you mind shooting me a quick email to let me know?  You can reach me at ginny@maryandme.org.

Thank you for your help!  And thanks for your readership, too — I do appreciate it greatly.  Advent blessings to all!

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