Our Lady of the Broom

A few posts ago, I asked folks to share their least favorite household task.  Mine is picking up kids’ toys.  I also loathe vacuuming.  Scrubbing the tub isn’t a whole lot of fun, either;  I’d much rather blog about it than do it.   When I clean house, it always looks great for a while … and then, before you can say “Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser,” it’s dirty again.

But I don’t like to live in squalor, so I do haul out the Simple Green and the vaccuum.   I always feel better for having done so.  And recently, a friend sent me this very sweet, very old poem (thank you, Lisa!).  It’s nice to be reminded that there is a grace to be found in all of those household tasks … and to remember that Mary did them, too.

Our Lady of the Broom
By J. G. Shaw

The large and lovely lessons
You taught with little breath
In the liturgy of the hour
In the house at Nazareth
Are such fantastic simple things
That mortals may presume
To call the Queen of Seraphim
Our Lady of the Broom.

For you who rule the angels
Built up our legacy
By living a life of little things
That we do every day.
You cooked, cleaned, washed and mended,
Scrubbed the kitchen floor,
Teaching a world the woman’s way
To worship and adore.

How beautifully you taught us
Where all perfection lies
By seeing all salvation in
The work before your eyes,
Immensity in little space
The world in the humble room
You swept and kept and cared for,
Our Lady of the Broom.

Mary and Jesus B W

Picture from Holy Cards for Your Inspiration.

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