Our Lady of the Laboratory

Having blood drawn is no fun.  Period.  Especially not when you’re someone like me, who faints easily.  (What’s “easily,” you ask?  1) When I got my ears pierced at age thirteen; 2) During the movie “Of Mice and Men,” when the guy breaks the other guy’s hand; 3) During the movie “The Piano,” when the woman has her finger cut off; etc.  Oh, there are so many stories ….)

bandageSo I always ask to lie down when I have blood drawn.  Why risk it, right?  But even being horizontal on a nice cot doesn’t  remove the dread that I feel.

But the other day, as I was lying there  looking deliberately at the wall instead of at the vials that were filling up with my blood, I got the idea to pray the “Hail Mary.”  And it was so soothing.  I got into the rhythm of the prayer and it made me relax, just a little.   It made me think of something — and someone — warm, and positive, and bigger than my fear.

I’m going to remember that for next time.

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