Out of the wild

Just back from a weekend of camping.  It was Lukey’s first trip, Matthew’s second, and in spite of my concerns about camping with two children under three, it went extremely well.   It was unbelievably hot, but when you are with a bunch of old friends –  and you have plenty of  marshmallows and good wine and filet mignon fajitas (we sure believe in roughing it, don’t we?) — even the heat can’t ruin it.

I do, however, have a few lessons learned/observations to share:

1) You can never have too many Wet Wipes.
2)  One change of clothes per child per day: NOT ENOUGH.  (What was I thinking?)
3) Tired and hot toddler + audacious gnat buzzing in his ear = lengthy hysterics
4) We ate well.  The mosquitos ate better.


Woodpecker courtesy of karenswhimsy.com

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