Playing tourist at church

Here are pictures from a few of the churches I visited on my travels last year.

The red-brick parish in Cooperstown, New York has gorgeous nineteenth-century stained glass (which, by the way, deserves a much more skilled photographer than yours truly.)   Naturally, I also adored its Mary shrine.

In Palm Beach, Florida, I went to Mass at this lovely church.

The gardens were beautifully landscaped, and the groundskeeper obviously has a sense of humor.

While in Florida, my father-in-law also showed me this gorgeous church, with its Spanish-style courtyard.

It had a lovely Pieta in the center.

I absolutely adored its covered walkway, with saint shrines all in a row.

All of these places, and others, inspired my most recent article for  It’s about going to Mass in a new place, and why I always find that to be such a rich and rewarding experience.   There’s just something about that blend of the familiar and the novel … it gets me every time.

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