Praying with Our Lady of Guadalupe

When you live California, you see images of Our Lady of Guadalupe everywhere.   She shows up on wall murals and as decals on the backs of trucks; little icons with her image sway from car rear-view mirrors.  I’ve driven by houses that have small tiled images of her set into the bricks near the front door.  As the patron saint of Mexico, she has a big following here.   As a symbol of support for the disenfranchised and the marginalized, she speaks to all countries, all societies, all groups of people everywhere.

So today, on her feast day, I’m going to pray for all those who live on the margins.  I’m going to pray for the “little guy” who often gets overlooked or, worse, stepped on by those who have more power.  I’ll pray for those who live in fear and those who are simply trying to get by, one day at a time, just trying to keep their human dignity intact in a world that is all too eager to take it away.

And I know Mary will be praying for them, too.

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