Pre-Halloween Grag Bag of Randomness

I sit here on a Friday night  feeling a few things:

1) Slightly sick.  I am afraid that the wild tornado of illness that has cut through the Moyer household is not yet done with me.  After I finish typing, I will be indulging in some epic finger-crossing that I feel better soon.  Missing Halloween would be most inconvenient.

2) Hugely grateful.  Those prayers I requested, for the little boy I know?  They seem to be working !!!!  The very latest news is that his fever has gone down and the infection seems not to be spreading.  He is hardly out of the woods yet but this is a huge and very joyful development.  Please, keep the prayers coming.  And thank you.

3) Happy to hear rain on the roof.  I like rain, especially on a night when you can be cozy at home.

4) Looking forward to the weekend.  I plan to spend tomorrow hanging with the boys and watching the Rally to Restore Sanity.  And Sunday, I will be escorting a shark and a monkey down the street in search of treats.  Correction: I will be escorting a shark and a monkey IF the monkey will actually wear his monkey suit.  I may be escorting a shark and a two-year-old in a pumpkin sweater.  Either way, it’ll be good.

5) Remembering that four years ago today was Matthew’s baptism.  It meant a lot, having him baptized in the evening Mass, in the company of our entire faith community.  I requested that the choir sing this arrangement of the Litany of the Saints (one of my favorite things ever) and I remember holding my little guy and listening to all of the names and thinking of all of those great men and women who were not perfect by any means but whose faith was real and vivid and unique.  And I thought about how the saints show us a thousand different ways to live a life of meaning.   One day Matthew, just like all the rest of us, will be figuring out how to live his own life of meaning.  I love knowing that the saints will be rooting for him every step of the way.

All you holy men and women, pray for us.

Halloween girl image from Karen’s Whimsy

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