Pucker up

Awww …

My bloggy buddy Sarah just awarded me the Lemonade Award — a little something being passed around the blogosphere.  The idea is to give it to five bloggers you know who exhibit “great attitude and gratitude” …  making lemonade out of lemons.  I’m touched … really.

It sure has been lemony around here lately, what with a whole parade of various illnesses marching relentlessly into our lives.  I’ve been to the doctor more times in the last three weeks than I normally go in a year.  Yup: pretty sour.

But — and I guess this is where the gratitude comes in — I’m grateful for a strong network of medical professionals who can help me get over this hurdle; for the job that provides medical insurance; for my hubby, who did extra kid duty when I couldn’t do much more than lie in bed and feel wretched; and for my fabulous mom, who camped out for a weekend when Scott was in Alaska and I needed some serious adult backup.

The aforementioned hubby gave me a book for Mother’s Day, a book of prayerful reflections for busy women.  Yesterday’s reflection invited me to make a list of all the things that I’m happy about in my life.  So I did.  And you know what?  It was darn easy.  I ran out of space on the page before I ran out of things to write.

So maybe I’m learning how to do the lemonade thing after all.

And, in the spirit of the award, I’m going to name five other ladies in my life who inspire me with their attitude and gratitude.

1.  My mom. Every kid should be raised by a lady who is so genuinely optimistic about life.

2.  My Grandma Ruth. I think this is where my mom got her fabulous glass-half-full attitude.

3.  My Grandma Alice (this is a posthumous award).  She took more delight in the little things — a greeting card, a cartoon in the newspaper — than nearly anyone I’ve ever known.

4.  My friend Tarn … because she always gives me new insights into writing.  And life.

5. Matthew’s wonderful godmother Mary (known to her various godchildren as “Godmary.”)  She’s taught me that camping and crazy dictionary games can cure any number of ills.

So who are your recipients?  Who inspires you with their attitude and gratitude?

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