Rain, rain, don’t go away


Rain is a morning full of slick highways and traffic snarls.  It’s leaving five minutes earlier for work and still arriving five minutes late.

And yet rain is also the blissful feeling of being warm and dry inside.  It’s an invitation to get cozy with a cup of tea and a good book, a book that is somehow even better  when read to the sound of drops drumming on the roof.

Rain is small boys in fireman slickers and boots.  It’s a chance to marvel at the fact that puddles and boys seem to have a magnetic attraction to each other.  It’s learning that — boots notwithstanding —  those boys will get their jeans soaked,  and that a change of clothes is a small price to pay for a half-hour’s joyful slosh through the sidewalk gutters.

Rain is the promise of color. It  turns the hills of drought-stricken California from an eerie moonscape gray-brown  into a beautifully vivid green.  It makes the commute look like a drive through England, inviting memories of long-ago travels and dreams of future itineraries.

Rain is hope for the future.  It waters the thirsty crops in the Central Valley and the flowers in my front-yard beds.  It makes California water experts breathe a little more easily.

Most of all, rain is a teacher.  It reminds us that there are many things in nature that we can’t control.  It tells us to slow down and scale back our to-do lists while inviting us to channel the puddle-jumping spirit of childhood.  It teaches us patience, and gratitude.   And I’m very, very glad it’s here.

What do you love about the rain?

5 Responses to Rain, rain, don’t go away

  1. I just wish we were there to share. I have yet to learn how to Skype snow angels from Oneonta to San Mateo.

  2. We wish you were here, too. 🙂

    That is one advantage that snow has over rain: you can’t really make a rain angel!

  3. I love the rain, too. I love going running in it, watching the kids splash (and sometimes joining in), discovering the animals that emerge (newts, yesterday), hearing the sound, smelling the cleanliness, and feeling the relief after its long absence, since that brought memories of the extreme measures we had to take during previous droughts….

  4. Yes, that clean smell is awesome. And rainbows! I saw a glorious one this afternoon.

  5. Ooh, I love this! (And the rain.)